Berzelia is a genus consisting of 12 species of upright, wiry-stemmed, evergreen shrubs with a dense covering of small, fine, needle-like leaves. The flowers which appear in spring and summer, are minute but are packed in spherical clusters, of which there are several per head of bloom.


Berzelia lanuginosa is a shrub with a single stem and long, slender branches. It grows up to two metres tall.The leaves are small and needle-like. What are the flowers like? The flower heads are small, lime- green balls.When young, they radiate (or spread out) from the ends of the main branches. As they ripen, the balls change to a maroon-red

In late spring tight panicles of little 'button' flowers in creamy-lime tones appear and last for long periods. Likes the sun, acid soil and protection from harsh frost. Berzelia Species, Buttonbush, Common Berzelia (Berzelia lanuginosa) by randyfb Aug 24, 2007 2:40 AM Berzelia lanuginosa growing at a north San Diego county cut flower nursery Berzelia lanuginosa; Berzelia lanuginosa $ 13.00. In stock. Quantity.

Berzelia lanuginosa

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Numerous small lime green ball  Berzelia lanuginosa (Linnaeus, 1753) Brongniart, 1826 3-Agosto-2017. Cautividad. Europa, Alemania, Renania del Norte-Westfalia, Bonn, Jardín Botánico de  Berzelia comosa. Berzelia cordifolia. Berzelia dregeana.

[family BRUNIACEAE ] (stored under name); Verified by HBG-formal name change, 2007 Berzelia lanuginosa (L.) Brongn.

Berzelia lanuginosa. Berzelia lanuginosa. Species. Scientific Name: Berzelia Brongn. (Bruniaceae) lanuginosa Brongn. Related Plants. There are no related plants for

B. lanuginosa Br . ( Brunia lanuginosa L. ) . Picture shot in Harold Porter Botanical Garden i Betty's Bay South Africa. Sydafrika_VLJ9450_ by Viveka's photos.

Berzelia lanuginosa

Berzelia species Berzelia lanuginosa Name Synonyms Brunia comosa Thunb. Brunia lanuginosa L. Brunia superba Donn Brunia tenuifolia Willd. Staavia comosa (Thunb.) Colozza Homonyms Berzelia lanuginosa (L.) Brongn.

The Berzelia genus carries an enchanted architecture through its sub species and is best demonstrated by not only the colourful clusters of flowers but also the structure of the plants themselves. With thin pine like leaves and narrow soft green stems, Berzelia lanuginosa. the blog Many berzelia products are harvested as "young". They are simply early cut and offer a nice filler with a unique form. Of course nothing can beat them when they are in the prime of their season and the cones are fully developed.

Berzelia lanuginosa

There are no related plants for species Berzelia lanuginosa. Nursery Availability Check Google Images for Berzelia lanuginosa: The photographer's identification Berzelia lanuginosa has not been reviewed.
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H. N. Holl.

Bruniaceae R.Br. ex DC. (62 images in 3 genera). Berzelia Mart.
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29 Dec 2013 Whether it's Berzelia Lanuginosa, Red Jelly or Galpinii, these small green buttons are engaging, making you want to reach out and touch them.

It grows up to two metres tall.The leaves are small and needle-like.